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New Product!! Sock Kits!!

Everything you need but the needles! The yarn can be balled and drawn through the hole in the top of kit! (Put your cursor on the picture for a closer view.)

Kits are available for all of the sock patterns shown below.

Original Sock Patterns

All of these socks are our own designs.

Patterns available as of June 2008 (placing cursor on image will enlarge image - caption will tell which of our yarns was used!):

Beginning Magic Loop Sock

Cable Boot Sock
Karen's Sock
Jourdaine's Sock

Lacy Leaf Sock
Pointelle & Partridge Sock
Pointelle & Rib Sock
The Waffle Sock

Woodland Fern Sock

Merino Superwash Hand-Painted Yarns

All yarns available in lace, fingering, and sport weight. Hand-dyed yarn is sold (and pictured) in 100-gram skeins, except lace weights which are also available in 10-gram balls (see Jourdaine's Sock).

Colors available as of June 2008 (placing cursor on image will enlarge image):

001 Princess Bride

002 Bee Movie
100 Red Dawn

101 Hunt for Red October
102 The Red Shoes
103 Chariots of Fire

104 Clockwork Orange
105 The Last Wild Salmon
106 Fahrenheit 451

200 Lady Killers
201 Purple Rain
202 The Lavender Hill Mob

300 Blue Velvet
301 Parrots in Paradise
302 The Blue Lagoon

303 Perfect Storm
304 Old Storm
305 Sea Wolf

306 Duck Soup
307 On The Beach
400 Enchanted Cottage

401 On Golden Pond
402 Sunflower
500 The Naked Jungle

501 The Green Mile
502 How Green Was My Valley
503 Soylent Green

504 Enchanted Forest
506 The Deer Hunter
506 A River Runs Through It (being developed!)

507 The Quiet Man
508 Being There
600 The Yearling

601 Benji
602 Days of Wine & Roses
603 Corpse Bride

604 Electric Apricot
605 The Apricot Coast
900 Black Widow (lace weight)